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Why all the copious blood? Can letting blood be right. Came  to think of the Swedish vaudeville writer Emil Norlander´s poignant tune from and have been humming it after I a week ago began to sense that the year is drawing to an end and that I soon, like Mayakovsky, reluctantly once again would experience how: Gloominess threatens many of us, especially if we feel that not everything turns out according to our wishful thinking.

Even if we do not like to admit it, we might even wonder why God has not favoured us more than he has done. A Tattoo homosexual ass with dick juice flow query, especially when it comes from a privileged man like me. Someone who has so much to be thankful for. The hopeless, raw agony in solitary confinement and death camps, the despair in out-bombed cities, among disease, starvation and abandonment.

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While I wrote this, Trump won the election in the US. Unfortunately I had suspected Tattoo homosexual ass with dick juice flow an outcome, but how could it even be possible?

I feel numb, nauseated. The election of that man is likely to turn out to be a disaster, no matter what political views you might have. Some people assume Trump won in accordance with God's will. A few days ago I was through the TV confronted with an elderly American lady who told us:. Did God comply with the old lady´s prayer?

Is there really such a thing as divine justice? Several of my friends have been stricken by cancer, with all it implies of fear of death and excruciating pain. And what is worse, given our sense of justice - they have all been and are benevolent, vibrant and beautiful women, who have given much to their fellow human beings, especially me.

They are and were much better persons than I ever will be. I who so far have been spared any major ailments. The ancient theodicy problem - the so far unanswered question why evil, stupidity and suffering subsist everywhere, and at all times. The cold and merciless violence. How can someone under such circumstances explain the faith in the existence of a caring and loving God?

Already in the early 's, a certain Lactantius wrote a well-formulated text about God's anger. Lactantius was a well-read and Tattoo homosexual ass with dick juice flow advisor to Constantine the Great. His views and crisp explanations of the Christian faith have had a great importance for posterity.

In his writings Lactantius took up the issue of the presence of evil in God's creation. To give relief to his opinions, he quoted a variety of ancient philosophers, among them Epicurus. There are only fragments left of Epicurus's writings, but these are interesting and his followers praised him as a wise, modest and friendly man. During his last years Epicurus was stricken by a painful disease.

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In a letter to a friend he noted: Much of Epicurus teachings were collected by Diogenes Laertius hundreds of years after the great philosopher´s death and furthermore excellently depicted in Lucretius´s 99 — 55 BC poem On the Nature of Things. Several of Epicurus thoughts revolved around the question of how it was possible that almighty gods could accept evil and suffering. Epicurus, who lived BC, believed that "gods" existed, but to him they were a personifications of impersonal forces that control and keep the Universe united.

To imagine a God as a being with human characteristics would, according to Epicurus cause painful doubts.

Thoughtlessly submitting to the belief in a benevolent God would be tantamount to denying our human intellect and obliterate the joys brought about by curiosity. If we believed that all natural phenomena were controlled by a benevolent God who took care of everything — why bother to study natural phenomena, why try to improve anything? Lactantius description of Epicurus's doubts about the existence of a merciful becomes an "Tattoo homosexual ass with dick juice flow" summary of the theodicy Tattoo homosexual ass with dick juice flow. God, he says [Epicurus], either wishes to take away evils, and is unable; or He is able and is unwilling; or He is neither willing nor able, or He is both willing and able.

If He is willing and is unable, He is feeble, which is not in accordance with the character of God; if He is able and unwilling, He is envious, which is equally at variance with God; if He is neither willing or able, He is both envious and feeble, and therefore not God; if He is both willing and able, which alone is suitable to God, from what source then are evils or why does He not remove them?

I know that many of the philosophers, who defend providence, are accustomed to be disturbed by this argument, and are almost driven against their will to admit that God takes no interest in anything, which Epicurus especially aims at.

Can a Father of the Church really present such a blatant challenge to the omnipotence of God, even if he hides behind a pagan philosopher? Eventually, Lactantius made an attempt to rescue the belief in the goodness of God by claiming that if evil did not exist, we would not be able to know what goodness was. We would be like animals, completely unaware of the presence of God in his creation. Without evil we would not have any reason to seek God´s protection and support.

He wants to be loved and to love and humans must thus be endowed with free will. Without a personal choices love cannot exist. That there are no choices without evil is an argument that often has been used in Christianity and then with reference to Genesisin which the first humans by eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge were challenged by the choice to love themselves and thus rely on their "Tattoo homosexual ass with dick juice flow" abilities, or instead rely on God's power and benevolence.

By presenting humans with a choice the serpent in Eden´s Garden was actually a servant of God:. Now the serpent was more crafty than any Tattoo homosexual ass with dick juice flow the wild animals the Lord God had made. Lactantius added urgency to this argument by arguing that the Final Judgment would soon come.

Accordingly, Christians had no time to squabble whether God was good or evil. Their only chance for salvation Tattoo homosexual ass with dick juice flow be an unconditional belief in God´s omnipotence. As Paul wrote in his first letter to the Corinthians:. When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: Jesus was also asked why God did not wipe out evil from his creation and like Lactantius he replied that all we could do was to wait for the Last Judgement:.

Because while you are pulling the weeds, you may uproot the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn. Perhaps Jesus' words reflected a perception common among Jews at the time - brooding about evil´s presence could not affect God's omnipotence.

In Judaism and Islam, theories about the presence of evil in God's creation do generally speaking not occupy much space. If a believer accepts the all-powerfulness of God, it is quite enough to lead a righteous life according to religious practices and regulations. Of course, there are quite a lot exceptions from such a claim.

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Within the folds of both Judaism and Islam we find several writers and theologians who have pondered about evil and suffering. Among the Muslims, Sufis have been particularly occupied with the theodicy problem. Nevertheless, he is subordinate to Him. Iblis is the epitome of arrogance, megalomania based on self-assertion.

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